Oct 31, 2016  

Samsung Information Display is a worldwide leader in electronic panel technology generating the answers you visualize possible. The Samsung UD55E-S exhibit was created to keep a sharp impression and precise shade when seen off-axis, and features an ultra-thin bezel-to-bezel breadth of just 3.5 mm to deliver a near-seamless video wall, the company said. Presented in three different pitches, including 2.5 mm mm and Samsung Smart signage 1.5 mm, the Direct View LED Remedies highlighted inside the cubicle are made to indulge consumers with largescale seamless LED displays offering a visual display that was convincing through increased snapshot and movie quality. To meet up rising demand for sophisticated displays while in the motel industry, Samsung delivers exhibit options for the lobby as well as in -bedroom situations.

To show the advantages of its displays in all these adjustments, the Samsung unit at CES can feature different digital environments including a lobby video wall, fresh lodge Television answer and show answers for business centres - with Samsungis ‘Interactive Whiteboard' (IWB), presenting hint and multiple-screen systems, and the globe's largest 95-inch BROUGHT LFD.

The Samsung Screen Options software that is portable offers a wide-range of information on our exhibit products and software solutions-including Wise Signage and Welcome TV. Samsung Information Show is focused about the layout of potential -oriented technology to deliver world-class professional grade digital signage and industrial screen remedies which means your perspective may come your. Our nextgeneration digital options provide a strong solution present your message within an engaging and active manner.  and to utilize your articles